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You’re my best friend,
                                and  I  n e e d  y o u .

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Sometimes there’s other things that you think wouldn’t be a good combination end up turning out to be like a perfect combination. You know, like two people together that nobody ever thought would be together.

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#me in class when i get the answer wrong

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when there’s no food

when you see someone attractive

when you realize you haven’t met your idol

when the thing you wanted is sold out

when your favorite character dies

when it’s the last days of vacation

when you realize you’re a nerd that’s on tumblr all day, reading this post and agreeing with all of the above


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Christmas gifts for you all. 

thank you dear for these! we appreciate them all!!

This is so beautiful…I can’t even…I’m gonna go to a corner and calm myself down…

More gifts arrived.  



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